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The Idea

The inspiration was really simple - to share the delicacies of Malaysian cuisine with everyone.

 One of the most important goals of Hajijani is to provide authentic Malaysian food that are derived from age-old recipes that was pass down from multiple generations. It is a cuisine that is full of flavors and colors influenced by the diverse culture the country is blessed with yet not many people know about what a genuine Malaysian cuisine taste like.  

This is the concept Hajijani is built upon.


Every Bite Has an Impact

HajiJani Experience

The HajiJani Experience gives you the opportunity to explore the varied cuisines of Malaysian Malays, Mandarin Chinese and Tamil Indians complemented with the Malaysian Sling, fine beverages and mouth watering desserts.


Easily accessible from EduCity, HajiJani makes an excellent venue for casual dining with the colonial decor, elegant chandeliers, clean polished floors and sepia prints. HajiJani can cater for groups of up to 50 people.




Sumptuous meal right at your doorstep!

Great taste and variety under one roof

Give it a try now!

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